I offer a free warehouse safety and hazard assessment walk through as a way to introduce my company to potential clients. I come in to the warehouse and do a visual inspection of the storage equipment, layout and configuration of the system. In some cases I observe the methodology of the activity within the system to attempt to discover things that could also pose a risk. I have over 30 years of working with different types of systems and have always held safety as paramount. When I design a system I do not compromise on safety and attempt to provide the safest possible environment for the employee. No one is perfect but I assure I will use all my experiences to identify problem areas.

In my humble opinion there is no such thing as a 100% safe warehouse. It is the nature of the beast. Anytime people are working around racking, lift trucks, "moving" components like conveyor or lifts, heavy pallet loads, a poorly designed layout, damaged equipment or odd shaped or hazardous materials being stored, there is a potential for an injury, sometimes very serious injury or possibly even death. I pride myself on doing everything possible to minimize, if not eliminate the possibility and draw on my many years designing systems.

I offer a verbal explanation on a walk through with the client at no charge. But, if I do a formal presentation for a minimal fee, it could be used as a guide for corrections or possibly net the client a better insurance rate from their insurance provider.

OSHA, owners, employees and anyone entering a warehouse system requires the system to be what a reasonable person would believe is a safe enviroment. Having knowledge is a powerful tool to prevent accidents in a warehouse. Once the knowledge is passed to those that are in authority it allows them to correct problems, actually requires them to correct problems. It also reduces the possible liability of the owners, something most appreciate.

So, please contact me if you would like a free warehouse safety and hazard assessment walk through or if you would like a formal presentation at a very reasonable cost.

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